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Route Planning

If you’re thinking about route planning for you’re next adventure, first of all you’re going to need a map. You’ll need to select the most appropriate map for your adventure, if you’re heading on a road trip then a road atlas will be useful but this scale of map will be useless if you’re heading…

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We all loved a treasure hunt as a child even if it was just the annual Easter egg hunt around the garden. Well, you can relive that treasure hunt joy into adult life too or see the kids faces light up as they try this activity out. So Geocaching, what is it? Its a treasure…

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National Map Reading Week

This week is National Map Reading Week! This is a chance to learn some new skills or brush up those trusty navigation tools. Maps unlock the world around us from planning your walks, giving others directions or finding hidden gems the key skills of map reading are pretty simple and easy to learn. National Map…

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