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2026 Deadline to be abolished

Exciting news today! The government have announced they intend to scrap the 2026 deadline! For more than 20 years this deadline has threatened our rights of way network throughout England and Wales. The 2026 deadline put tens of thousands of miles of paths at risk, the 1st January 2026 was set out in the Countryside…

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Routes at Risk

Rights of way have been built up over hundreds of years, they are an important part of our historical landscape, and once they are lost, they are lost forever. It is important to put them back on the map and not lose these rights and access that people have fought hard to secure. By protecting…

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Access to Nature

The mental health benefits of immersing ourselves in our natural environment via green spaces and the countryside are becoming increasingly understood by health care professionals giving us green prescriptions as well as the average person. These natural environments have a huge benefit to our psychological and emotional wellbeing, this has been highlighted throughout the last…

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