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We all loved a treasure hunt as a child even if it was just the annual Easter egg hunt around the garden. Well, you can relive that treasure hunt joy into adult life too or see the kids faces light up as they try this activity out. So Geocaching, what is it? Its a treasure…

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Lost Ways

Why are we going to loose our ways? Is my favourite route going to be lost? Basically any route not legally recorded on the definitive map by the 1st January 2026 will be lost forever. After this date set out in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 historic claims will not longer be…

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Bathing in Borrowdale

As I grew up in the Lake District I spent many summer days taking a dip in tarns, rivers and lakes to cool off on hot summer days. I love how invigorating wild swimming is, a completely different experience to a warm swimming pool. I must admit I do like a wet suit when it’s…

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