Category: public rights of way

Ploughing and Cropping

Ploughing and cropping issues take up a major part of my day to day work, the public report routes to the council that are either overgrown with crops or have had their surface disturbed, I then go out to inspect them. Once they have been inspected I then contact the landowner to get the issue…

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Rights and Responsibilities

Public Rights:The public have varying rights depending on the status of the right of way, the public have the right to pass and repass along a public right of way which can include: admiring the view, taking a photograph or resting as long as you do not stray from the line of the Right of…

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How did I get into PROW?

As a Rights of Way Officer my job role is: to protect, maintain, promote and develop public rights of way and access in accordance with relevant strategies, initiatives, policies and procedures. Develop and promote improvements and use of the rights of way and access network. To effectively deal with all delegated rights of way correspondence,…

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