Advocating Access

Raise your helping hand

There are some pressing matters in Rights of Way and on the water that need your personal input to ensure access is protected, promoted and extended for all.

Advocating Access

How You Can Help


Finding out how things affect you is the first place to start. Knowing the background to issues and then being able to make an informed judgement is the best way to approach these matters.

Sign Petitions

Signing petitions mean that these matters will be raised to government level. A petition with 10,000 signatures will be responded to by government and a petition with 100,000 signatures will be considered for debate in parliament.

Write to your MP

MPs are responsible for government decisions and policies, including how much funding local authorities receive. They need to know that access matters are important to their voters.


Environment Bill

The Environment Bill returns to the House of Commons for its remaining stages and now is the time to be ambitious. We must put people and nature first and create places that make us happier, healthier and more connected. Amending the Environment Bill is a perfect opportunity to do that.

Amendment 21 would require the Government to set legally-binding, long-term targets to increase public access to, and enjoyment of the natural environment. Amendment 28 means the Government will have to include steps to improve people’s enjoyment of nature in its Environmental Improvement Plans.   

Extension of 2026 Deadline

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 officially introduces the cut-off date for adding historic paths to definitive maps this means paths which existed before 1949 and which aren’t recorded on definitive maps by 31 December 2025 will be extinguished.

Removing  the 2026 cut off date, as is being proposed in Wales by the Welsh Government, or at the very least to extend it to 2031 as provided for by section 56 Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, would ensure that as many historical public routes are saved for the benefit of the nation.

Clear Access Clear Waters

Clear Access Clear Waters is a campaign for fair, shared and sustainable open access on water for all. It’s aim is not only to seek greater public access to water for recreation, but also to secure the protection of our natural environment.

People protect what they love, but they only love what they know. The natural world is fragile and needs our help to protect. If we are to be the first generation to hand over our environment in a better state than it was found, then our waterways must not remain shut off to all but a few.

The Clear Access Clear Waters campaign is asking for clarity of rights over access for this generation and future generations to come. The case for fair, shared, sustainable open access on water in England and Wales has never been greater.

Time to take action

The numbers


rivers across England and Wales have a clear right of access


miles of historic paths are at risk


years left to get historic routes legally added to the definitive map

Why Access Matters

Access is important for us all, these routes and waterways provide us a way of connecting with nature. It’s essential that everyone has the opportunity to access these green and blue spaces for their mental and physical well being and the only way these will be protected is if everyone takes action.

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