Walking the Wall – Day 2

Day 2:Carlisle to Walton
  • Distance: 9.6 miles
  • Accommodation: home
  • Map

Day 2 began back at Rickerby Park, today with my mum in tow. We set off in glorious sunshine, with a refreshing chill through the shade, so made good progress on our way out of Carlisle through Linstock.

This was Sydney’s first full day wearing her pack, we’d tried it out at home and had a couple of practice walks with it loaded up, but as she got out of the car she had a mad moment thinking the pack was chasing her so span round giving us a good giggle. She soon realised it wasn’t so scary and got into the swing of things again.

It was saddening to read the excitement in the guidebook about the potential of Carlisle Airport starting up passenger flights in 2015, as I walk past now knowing the airport has shutdown due to covid and is sat derelict in the hope of someone else buying it out. In the meantime hosting a covid test centre.

We bumbled along Sandy Lane Track, an ORPA (Other Road with Public Access) on the OS map and I made a mental note that the route would need an application to the Council to get it recorded on the definitive map. Even when out exploring in my own time I’m always spotting potential lost ways and making sure they aren’t forgotten.

We continue along the Wall passing fittingly named Old Wall Cottage, a delightful little dwelling with an idyllic little garden, peaking Sydney’s interest with the sound of chickens happily clucking away, scratting around alongside the hedged lane.

As we passed Bleatarn Farm we spotted some funky Valais Blacknose sheep which entertained my mum with the lambs playfully skipping round.

It was interesting to read on many of the gates and fence posts the request for walkers to spread out across the pat and avoid walking in worn lines in the grass, to prevent erosion on the monument. I’m more used to signs in the Lake District asking you to walk in single file to prevent erosion spreading out beyond the paths.

As we passed through more farmland countryside we walked through farm steads and along the true course of the wall, although the only evidence you see at this stage is raised grass bank next to the lull of the ditch alongside, there’s no stone wall to be seen yet. We trundled through Newtown and then into the valley of the River Irthing where we crossed the river and found a lovely little bench to rest our legs.

It was lovely to spend some time walking with my mum, amongst work and general life it was nice to find some quality time together. It was my first day carrying my fully loaded pack, I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of the bag and it didn’t hinder my walking at all.

Hadrian's Wall Path - Walking the Wall

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