FSC Guides

Do you love immersing yourself in nature but don’t actually know that much about it? I certainly didn’t know about the plants and trees I passed when I first headed outdoors to explore.

Well now the Field Studies Council is coming to the rescue with the handy little fold out guides so you can learn all about the natural environment around you.

You can buy wildlife ID guides from the FSC website. There are a range of guides including: wild flowers, insects, bush craft, garden bugs and beasties, plants, trees and birds of all sorts.

The guides are a great way to learn a little more whilst you’re out and about exploring. It’s fascinating to discover the names of some of the plants you pass by often not even noticing them as well as to find out the name of the animals you may have never seen before or who are regular visitors to your garden.

The guides fold up so they can easily be slipped into a bag when out and about or slot into your bookshelf with ease. It’s so easy to take one of these out and go on a treasure hunt for the items on the guide, some guides you’re more likely to spot the contents whilst at home others will require a trip to the coast or up into the moors.

The guides grow your skills and connect you with nature so why not spend an evening taking one out and discover the small things around you.


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