All you need to know about microadventures, what they are and how to fit them in around the 9-5 job.

Microadventures are short adventures usually close to home that you can fit in around your daily commitments. These adventures usually require little or no planning and can be as spontaneous as you like. It means there’s no reason you can’t enjoy an adventure even if you live in the centre of town or if you work full time.

The beauty of microadventures is you can make them whatever you want them to be. Recently we packed up our paddleboards and headed for a night on the coast of Cumbria for a night away from it all, a last minute decision with no planning involved. Not everyone has a van but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a microadventure.

A microadventure doesn’t even have to include an overnight stay. You could explore your local area, you can do this by drawing a circle in a 2 mile radius around your house. This 2 mile radius will equate to a 16 mile walk and you are guaranteed to see things you’ve never noticed before, if you’ve got basic camping gear you can turn it into an overnight microadventure.

One of the most common ways to embrace a microadventure is the 5-9 microadventure, heading out over night between working days often mid week. You could do this in a tent, a friends house, a bivy bag or even a B&B, making sure to explore a new place even for a short time is great fun around your working week.

If you’re not up for a night out then a microadventure could just be a day trip. A single day off work or one of your weekend days spent adventuring will have you on top of the world. Pack a bag and head out to watch the sun rise, for a picnic on a hillside or a BBQ on the beach as the sun sets.

Although microadventures tend to be smaller that full camping trips or weeks away they can be done over a weekend. Heading a little further afield just for a short weekend can be some of the best adventures. You could set out on a mini expedition, your first night wild camping or fitting multiple mini microadventures together.

Although these adventures are micro they can still be ever so challenging and rewarding. Your colleagues in the office will never guess what you’ve been up to since they saw you leave the office yesterday evening and you could have been out under the stars.

Everyone can try a microadventure you don’t need to be a mountaineer or a seasoned adventurer. As long as you head out prepared for your activities and stay safe we can all embrace exploring around our homes or further afield around all of our usual commitments.

Our microadventure to the beach was finished off with a bacon sarnie by the sea as the sun came up, there’s no better place to be for breakfast!

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