Settling in Suffolk

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog for the last month. That’s because there’s been some very exciting things going on behind the scenes. We started the process of selling our house in 2018 and finally managed to sell and find our dream home in 2020. The pandemic hindered the moving process but we finally managed to move into our new home in January!

I grew up and lived in the Lake District until I was 22 years old. It was a wonderful childhood with my parents getting me outdoors most weekends and my love of the fells was well established before my teens. My teens, as with most people, had me hating being dragged up hills whatever the weather but I found a love for horses which meant I was still outside most of the time even if I wasn’t out adventuring.

I then went off to University in Newcastle and discovered city life for the first time which I enjoyed for my time studying but I was sure it wasn’t for me forever. It was at university that I hit rock bottom after a life event that had me diagnosed with PTSD suffering with anxiety and depression. As I built my life back up from this I managed to complete my exams, dissertation and leave uni with a degree in Countryside Management.

After university I moved to Leek in Derbyshire living onsite at an RSPB reserve as an intern for 6 months. Whilst here I was applying for jobs all over the country hoping to secure a full time position in anything outdoorsy.

I managed to get an interview in Suffolk as a Public Rights of Way Officer which I was lucky enough to be offered the job on the spot. I’d never been to Suffolk before my interview and knew no on there, my family were based in Cumbria so it was quite a way from home.

I took the leap of faith and moved to Suffolk on my own, I enjoyed the job enough to decide to buy my own house here and so started to settle down.

I found some groups to join to start a new network of friends, these have been great to meet like minded people and enjoy activities I wouldn’t have been brave enough to try on my own like paddle boarding.

I also met my partner who I’ve now bought a house with, so I think I’m now truly settled in Suffolk. He’s shown me that although Suffolk is nothing like the Lake District, where I still like to call home, it is beautiful in its own way. Suffolk has a stunning coastline, ancient woodlands and expansive heaths so it’s been lovely to explore these new places with someone who knows them well.

My mental health has hugely improved as I’ve settled here, since moving to Suffolk I have adopted 2 rescue dogs who give me a purpose and make sure I spend time outside with our daily dog walks. I managed to secure my dream job as the pandemic hit last year which has also helped to let me feel happy to call Suffolk home for good. I can’t wait to show you all more walks in and around Suffolk on the blog and find some of the hidden gems in the county.

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