Wilder Ways

How do you explore and adventure when you’re on holiday? I always end up on a horse somewhere to see the area through the ears.

In 2017 I enjoyed a ride exploring Argyll’s Secret Coast with friends with a trek led by Nikki and Cara from Wilder Ways.

Our group was made to feel comfortable and safe being paired with horses that matched our abilities from experienced riders to beginners we were able to enjoy heading out together.

It was a fabulous experience from start to finish, arriving and getting your own horse ready for the trek really gave you time to get to know them before getting on board and setting off for an adventure.

We completed a half day trek of a couple of hours in the saddle, this covered many types of terrain from open moor to having a dip in the sea. It’s the best day trek I’ve ever experienced and would highly recommend to anyone else heading up to Scotland with a love of horses.

We set out from the horse boxes along stone tracks which opened up to highland moors, the horses were sure footed and we cantered up the hills which opened up to amazing views over to the Isle of Arran. We had a coffee stop and a biscuit then had a paddle in the sea and continued up to the standing stones on the hill top.

When we rode with Nikki and Cara the Wilder Way herd was mobile moving around Scotland to provide rides in the most spectacular locations. Since then they have bought Glen Karran farm in the Mull of Kintyre. I will definitely be heading back to stay at their lovely B&B for another riding holiday and can’t wait to see the new set up.

As their website says:

Wilder Ways offers you an opportunity to take our experienced horses on an exhilarating journey through some of the lesser known wilds of Scotland.  Whether you are an adventure seeker wanting a trip of a life time, or are looking to get back into riding and build your confidence back up, we have an adventure to suit you.  Customers can even bring their own horse, either to adventure to the max, or to gain confidence from being part of our experienced herd. 

We pride ourselves in enabling our riders to explore ‘off the beaten tracks’ and enjoy playing with the horses over obstacles.  You will enjoy lots of time in the saddle and immersion in all things horse!  While your safety will always be our number one priority, our rides are organised and tailored to ensure an appropriate level of challenge and enjoyment for every rider and horse. 
When we enter the wilds we endeavour to …“take only memories (& photos) and leave only a few hoof prints.” 

We finished our day off in the hot tub at the lodge we were staying in which was great to loosen everyone off after riding for the first time in a few years. If you ever get the opportunity to experience new places on horseback I would really recommend you do, not only does it save your legs walking miles but you see everything from a totally different perspective.


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