The Outdoorsy Type Suffolk

This week I tried something new, I joined The Outdoorsy Type Suffolk on a group walk. This isn’t something I would usually do, being a shy person, but it was so worth plucking up the courage to go along and meet such a wonderful group.

The group has recently been set up by friends Helen and Nikki who love all things outdoors. They set the group up so that more people with similar interests can get together and enjoy activities as a group. So far they have run a couple of group walks along the shores of Orwell, the first event was very wet with rain for the duration, but this didn’t stop the group from getting out and they completed a beach clean in the rain. The I went along to their second walk and we were lucky to stay dry, although we didn’t get the sunset we were hoping for the walk was great fun bringing us together in the outdoors and making new friends.

The events are very well organised with participants signing up via email and always receiving an information pack and disclaimer before hand. These events are at your own risk and it’s up to you to assess the risks and suitability of the walks with the information provided and your knowledge of your own capabilities. I love the relaxed feel of the group, I felt very welcome and at ease with everyone enjoying a lovely evening with a wonderful group.

Helen and Nikki have lots of event ideas planned for the future including hikes and swims, I will be going to their next swim at Felixstowe and can’t wait! Things they have in mind include: beach cleans, SUP/kayak session, yoga, sunset/sunrise meditation, wild swimming and full day hikes, there is something for everyone so if you’d like to join make sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook for the events!

This Girl Can

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam
    I’m mr Steven Robert Keevil 51 from, Ravenswood Ipswich,Suffolk,Ipswich, Suffolk, I’m single and no kids, work as a Warehouse Cleaner at Phosters Fm, Ltd, for Amazon, Ipswich, Suffolk.I would be greatful to make new friends , please, I have a cycle and a disability bus pass, , I have a driving livence, but no car.
    I would be greatful if you can help please.
    Yours faithfully
    Mr Steven Robert Keevil


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