The new norm of working from home means many of us are turning to podcasts to keep us entertained or to keep us focused at work. I’ve discovered loads of podcasts to keep me occupied, from comedy to outdoors chat shows but here I’ll give you my top 5 podcasts.

The Outdoors Fix hosted by Liv Bolton is a great listen, Liv interviews a whole range of outdoors people who inspire listeners to get outside. These podcasts provide not only interesting interviews but can teach you things you never knew. My favourite interviews have included Sophie Pavelle and Iona Rendall, two very ordinary adventurers with a large following on social media, Sophie educating listeners about conservation and Iona providing listeners with lots of Sunshiney Happiness. At the end of each podcast Liv records sounds of nature to allow you to switch off from your surroundings and tune into nature, I’d highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in any aspect of the outdoors.

The Stubborn Light of Things is hosted by Melissa Harrison, this podcast lets you immerse yourself in nature from your own home as Melissa talks about her home in Suffolk. At the same time as providing calm soothing commentary including stories there are therapeutic soundscapes from the outdoors. Melissa takes you on walks through her local area and includes extracts from Gilbert White’s journals in each episode, from his observations of local animal and plant life to updates of the movements of Timothy, his tortoise. The podcasts also includes feature from other nature writers which find wonder in the everyday events of nature and in the process offers much-needed respite in stressful times.

The Northern Natters podcast will definitely give you a giggle and brighten your day, the discussions between Emily and Verena are very entertaining. The podcasts cover a wide range of country based topics and provide the hosts opinions about dogs to whether to live together before marriage.

Mark and Euan host the show provide descriptive reporting and playful rapport. This podcast provides a topical guide to life in the Scottish outdoors. With other 190 episodes there are endless topics covered from filming otters for Springwatch to the Joys of Winter. This podcast will give you your outdoors fix whenever you listen to it whether on you commute to work or at home with a cuppa I’d recommend it even to those without a specific love for the outdoors.

Chris gives you an hour to tune in to his farm in Norfolk providing answers to questions many of us have along with wild soundscapes. I’d recommend this podcast to anyone wanting to learn more about agriculture and the outdoors I’m sure you will be fascinated by Chris’ knowledge and the areas he goes into detail about.


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