Happy new boot day!

I love a new boot day! I finally treated myself to a new pair of boots this week. I did my research and finally committed my spend on a pair of Women’s Grisport Glide High Rise Hiking Boots (they do men’s and unisex boots as well).

I spend a lot of time in walking boots from my working life as a Rights of Way Officer to my personal adventures around the UK and abroad a good pair of boots is essential. I have quite odd feet and find it really hard to find a good pair of boots that fit like a glove but the Grisport boots hit the spot.

I bought these from a high street stockist as I like to try them on before buying but you can always buy them online and send them back free of charge if using Amazon which I do for most of my other products. See the links below if you’d like to grab yourself a pair of these lovely boots.

I got straight out to put the boots to the test on my daily dog walk route which at the moment is pretty much under water with the constant rain we’ve been subject to recently. I set out on a 4.5km dog walk on flat terrain and by the end I was very pleased that the boots felt moulded straight away and had no soreness or blisters which is great for a first ‘wearing in’ walk. The walk consisted of concrete tracks to nearly ankle deep water and plenty of mud EVERYWHERE, the boots soon lost their new shiny look and kept my feet toasty warm and dry.

The boots are made in Italy and only weigh 440g per boot, they’re super lightweight and incredibly comfortable. The boots are made from waxed leather with a spotex waterproof and breathable membrane lining, the heel and sole are made of triple density mid sole with vibram rubber sole. They have a padded toe-joint and collard and fasten with a six hook eyelet system. Hands down the most comfortable and sturdy boots I have tried.

My boyfriend has a pair of the Men’s Grisport Saracen Hiking Boots (I know super cringey being matchy matching) he swears by his boots and we both think they’re the best boots on the market for regular walkers. We bought his pair on a whim whilst on holiday on the Isle of Arran as his old boots were rubbing, we bought them from Arran Active and he didn’t have a single issue wearing them for walking straight away up mountains and across the rugged coastline of Scotland.

Boots always need a bit of TLC to keep them waterproof and make them last years especially when they’re being worn day in day out and all over the UK. I like the Grisport waterproof cream as it is so easy to apply with the included sponge to rewax and take care of my boots.

Whilst I’m on about Grisport products, the boots fit perfectly with a pair of Grisport merino wool socks on to make the perfect combination.

Grab yourself a pair of Grisport boots from Amazon and don’t forget the waterproof cream to keep them in good nick!

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  1. Love your blog. Please may you tell me, when you bought your Grisport boots did you buy your normal shoe size or did you go up half a size? Thank you. Teresa


    • I bought my regular size, I took my walking socks with my to try on in the shop and have a little walk. They fit perfectly with room for my feet when they are warm and slightly larger but don’t slip around even when I’m cold.


    • I have very broad ‘manly’ feet and find they fit very well, my feet are broad around the ball of my foot and I’ve had no issues with being cramped or rubbing from the Grisport boots. They have unisex boots which are great for the broader foot without having to go to the mens sizing.


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