Whatever the weather

A fair weather worker/walker/rider is something I certainly am not, although this winter has definitely thrown its worst at us when it comes to wind and rain.

The winter weather we have been experiencing since September time has really made my day job as a Rights of Way Officer hard work with routes flooding and trees falling left right and centre. I have spent plenty of time looking like a bedraggled rat over the last few months when braving the weather to inspect routes. I’m quite happy when I’m kitted out in my waterproofs tackling any weather but when it’s day in and day out of sideways rain and winds strong enough to knock you over I have to admit I’m ready for spring to come around.

I have had a very quiet winter out on the rights of way network in regards to meeting fellow walkers and other route users, the recent storms seem to have everyone tucked up inside whilst I’m out battling the elements.

I have spent the last few months shower dodging, making sure to try and keep ahead of the looming grey clouds that seem to follow me everywhere. I haven’t enjoyed the winter much for horse riding either, with all the storms with strong winds we haven’t been able to get out and about much. And dog walking, well what can I say I think my two pooches may have started growing webbed feet and wings with the weather we’ve been subject to for our daily walks.

Whatever the opposite of a rain dance is I think we all need to get together to try and entice the sun out to dry things up!

public rights of way

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