What are Public Rights of Way?

Types of Rights of Way:Footpath (FP) – open to pedestriansBridleway (BR) – open to pedestrians, equestrians and cyclistsRestricted Byway (RB) – open to, pedestrians, equestrians, riders/drivers of none motorised vehiclesByway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) – open to all classes of traffic including motor vehicles
Where do Rights of Way originate from?The Definitive Map was created following the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949, this was completed by Parish Councils going out and drawing on an Ordnanace Survey base map where they belived Rights of Way to be. This often consisted of big felt tip pens and influence from landowners which has led to varied widths and wide areas of no Rights of Way. The Definitive Map is now being consolidated by Local Authorities to generate an accurate digital map of our Rights of Way.
Through my blogs I hope to explain more about Rights of Way and how they are managed, look out for more soon…

public rights of way

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