A day in the life of a PROW Officer

A low down of a usual week for me as a Public Rights of Way Officer. I don’t have a set structure to my week and that’s what I love about this job there’s such variety, each day can change and you never know what you’ll be dealing with next. I’m not stuck behind a desk nor am I stuck outside all day everyday, on average I usually spend 2 days a week in the office and 3 days a week out and about on site.

Monday: Most Mondays are spent in the office catching up with any reports that have come in over the weekend. This week Monday was spent in the office, the morning consisted of updating online reports and assigning them to the correct area officer. Then adding any new orders to our contractors works list for signage that had been reported as damaged. The afternoon had me out inspecting customer reports on the network including grass cutting checks and protection and maintenance issues.

Tuesday:The morning was used to resolve the issues from Monday’s site visits, updating customers of findings and adding works to our contractors works list. The afternoon was spent out on site with a colleague from our definitive maps team looking at a route that was going to be extinguished to enable the construction for new roundabouts. Our meeting was quite simple just seeing what was on the ground and discussing the application which was very straightforward.

Wednesday: Finally a full day out on site! At the moment one of my tasks is to walk every single route within my patch. I cover 82 parishes in my patch so there is a lot of ground to cover and I anticipate this to take me around 5 years to complete in between normal day to day work. This involves completing bridge surveys and condition surveys that record all aspects of the route from its surface type to assets along the way. This means that by the time I’m finished we will have a full picture of our assets and the condition of our entire network.

Thursday:A day of entering data… this means that all the data I have recorded can now be accessed by the whole of our organisation so that we can make future bids for money depending on when we expect structures to need replacing. In the evening I attended a parish council meeting, these meetings are invaluable in educating parishioners about how we can work together to keep the network running. Each parish should have a footpath officer and we work together to start up volunteer groups to complete minor works on the network. I enjoy getting out into the local communities to build relationships with the parish councils to enable reports to be reduced, parish councils to work with landowners and complete minor works.

Friday:My morning is spent surveying and marking out a route that has been created as a public right of way through a Definitive Map Modification Order. I spent the afternoon reviewing our Green Access Strategy which is in its’ consultation period.

My delightful office (we work inside 6 containers welded together, plus side is we do have air con!)

public rights of way

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